Machine Learning Engineer
London, United Kingdom

Job Description

As a key member of our engineering team, you will contribute to all aspects of the software life cycle: design, implementation, testing, experimentation, and fixing any bugs you create. We’re looking for someone who is willing to dive deep, experiment and iterate rapidly, and get things done.


  • Maintain and optimise the large-scale Machine Learning infrastructure that powers our Search ranking models.
  • Use Natural Language Processing to understand text content to extract useful content, review summaries/highlights, sentiment analysis from reviews, and also improve our bias-detection algorithms.
  • Work with other engineers to implement algorithms, abstractions and systems in an efficient way, with strong positive impact on our user-facing products
  • Identify new opportunities to apply Machine Learning to different parts of the GI Product
  • Take end-to-end ownership of Machine Learning systems - from data pipelines and training to real-time prediction engines


  • At least 4 years of industry experience in Machine Learning
  • Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related field, with strong fundamentals
  • A strong track record of innovating in end-to-end Machine Learning, Statistics, Recommendations, Targeting, or Data Mining
  • Strong programming skills in Python/Java/C/C++
  • Hands-on experience with Machine Learning tools, libraries and corpora (e.g. Scikit, WEKA, NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP, Wikipedia corpus etc.)
  • Good understanding of common families of models, feature engineering, feature selection and other practical machine learning issues, such as overfitting
  • Experience in operating Linux-based systems
  • Experience with MapReduce, Spark and Hive are a plus
  • A drive to build useful products that delight users
  • Strong leadership skills, and the ability to mentor a young team
  • Experience building engineering teams from scratch is a plus