Whenever a user comes upon a website or app screen for the first time, the interface design needs to leave a good impression and represent the quality of your brand. But smart user experience (UX) design will go a step further: creating an interface that allows the user to easily and effectively find relevant information or accomplish tasks. At the end of the day, a pretty interface will only get the user so far; the design needs to understand the user’s needs and guide them to success.

Our Process

User-centered goals
Whether we’re considering overall product design, or diving into the specifics of individual screens or pages, we need to understand, What does the user want to learn or accomplish here? What are their needs?

Responsive wireframes
We will sketch out the skeleton structure for a given interface, taking a mobile-first approach to ensure that the most important content is available across a variety of devices.

Design discovery
During collaborative design discovery workshops, we will work to understand your brand and the tone you want to convey for a specific interface.

Information architecture
To help users easily navigate to information in a logical way, we’ll consider the product’s information architecture and how your content will be organized and structured.

Interaction design
With a navigation structure and design direction in place, we’ll set about sketching out and fully designing key interactions the user will need to take on your app.

Design production
Beginning with design concepts and moving on to fully finalized design files, we will create a design that looks great while helping users achieve their goals.

Why It Works

It’s all about your users
We don’t take a wild guess at how your screens should look. All decisions keep in mind your users and how they will interact with each interface.

Mobile-first approach
Designs start with the smallest screen (the mobile phone) and work up to larger screens (large-monitor desktop computers). This ensures that users can access the most significant content on any device.

We don’t design behind closed doors
From wireframes, to site structure, to sketches, to final designs — you’re heavily involved in the process to ensure the design meets your vision.