Once analytics are setup to measure your product’s performance and user engagement, it can reveal enlightening results about what’s going right and what can be improved. We can setup and monitor your analytics to study user acquisition, engagement, and retention. We can build, send, and analyze custom reports — to identify content or development updates that will improve user experience and increase overall engagement.

Our Process

KPI creation and analysis
Our consultants will work with you to identify and understand your company’s key performance indicators (KPI).

Analytics integration and report creation
We will integrate analytics tracking into your codebase and then create custom analytics reports that will effectively measure your KPIs.

KPI review and recommendations
Our team will study your KPI analytics results to make informed recommendations about content, design, or development adjustments.

Why It Works

Custom reports
We can build reports to track anything you’re interested in analyzing. You’ll have complete control over the metric set and how these analytics are presented to stakeholders.

Constant measurement
You’ll be able to study the reports to see short-term and long-term changes.

Easily adjustable
Analytics can be adjusted easily; if you don’t feel the numbers are telling you the whole story, simply change what you’re measuring.