Any product that skips a quality assurance phase — even ones designed by the best in the world — will fail. The QA phase ensures success by analyzing the product from a variety of lenses. It’s the last gatekeeper before the product is released into the wild. Our team will test the product’s adherence to business requirements, code quality, browser/device support, performance testing, security, and accessibility. Once the product passes through our QA team, it is truly ready for primetime.

Our Process

Requirements traceability
Our team will analyze the original business, user, and technical requirements to ensure that they are all satisfied in the final product.

Development unit testing
We’ll test the quality of the code to ensure it’s structurally sound and is ready for expansion and growth in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Browser and mobile device support
Websites and apps will appear differently on a variety of devices, browsers, and screen sizes. We’ll review how users will see and interact with various screens, and make design or development adjustments as needed.

Performance testing
We will stress test the system to ensure that a large number of eager users won’t cause your product to crash.

Security audits
Our team will try and hack into the system to ensure that sensitive information remains encrypted and that the product is safeguarded from attacks.

Accessibility reviews
We can also review the code’s quality in accordance with accessibility standards to ensure that older or disabled adults can access your content.

Why It Works

Ensures high quality code from day one
You will have confidence that the product will be structurally sound and ready for launch day.

Avoids costly fixes
Issues detected now can be addressed prior to deployment, saving you time and money.

Customer satisfaction
High quality codes, a low number of technical issues, and strong performance will keep new customers satisfied and convert them to recurring users.