It’s a big decision to invest in a SAP solution — and you’ll want to take the time to ensure your business is taking full advantage of all it has to offer.

Our consultants will guide you through SAP implementation, helping you navigate the variety of available licenses and options. We’ll focus on your individual goals, and help you tailor your solution to achieve those key business outcomes.

Our Process

Business discovery
What are the specific reasons your business is investing in SAP? How will you measure success? Whether it’s reducing manual tasks or trying to increase productivity to a key business segment, we’ll talk through your goals and the ways in which SAP can help you realize them.

Solution architecture
With these business objectives first in mind, we’ll make recommendations for the best SAP implementation that will achieve these goals. Our consultants will show you the specific SAP functionality that is needed to get the job done.

Licensing consulting
With SAP’s wide variety of options, our consultants will guide you through the license acquisition process so you’ll have confidence that you’re purchasing only what is needed.

Why It Works

Stakeholder alignment
Various members of your team may have different expectations on what SAP will accomplish for your business. Taking the time to engage in a strategy before diving into a purchase will ensure the key stakeholders all agree on what the end solution needs to achieve.

Feature selection
We’ll help guide you through the sometimes daunting web of available SAP features and customization options to craft the best solution for your business.

Confidence in return on investment
You’ll have confidence that your business is purchasing only what is necessary to get the job done — and that the solution will bring a true return on your investment.