Once your SAP solution is up and running, you’ll want to pay close attention to ensure it’s achieving an optimal return on investment for your business.

In addition to updating software, this also means constantly monitoring your key performance indicators and customizing the solution as needed to achieve your goals. Our team can set up a regular maintenance schedule to install software and perform timely updates so you can remain on track to hit your objectives.

Our Process

Maintenance contract setup
With the creation of a maintenance contract, our team will set up an agreement with your business that outlines both regular updates and dedicated time to perform customizations. This will ensure we’re available whenever your business needs an update to occur.

Routine software updates
Our team will perform software updates on a regular basis to achieve the greatest value possible out of your SAP solution.

Customization tasks
We’ll also be available when you need us to perform specific customizations to your solution. Perhaps you have a business metric that is behind schedule or you’ve come up with a plan to change how a key process occurs. With our already established contract, we’ll have resources ready to perform the work for you quickly and effectively.

Why It Works

Maintaining high performance
Routine updates will ensure your solution is secure and performing optimally. Any missed updates have the potential to cause bugs or security holes in your system; regular maintenance gives you the confidence that the tool is performing as intended.

Dedicated time for improvements
Setting up an established maintenance contract means that we’ll be ready to perform improvements and customizations whenever your business requires it. You’ll be able to quickly see your new strategy take shape.

Familiarity of the system
The more we work on your SAP solution, the more familiar we’ll become with its intricacies, specific processes, and your business objectives. Having a team that understands your organization and technical system is key to making sure that all updates are made with your business goals firmly in mind.