The selection of a vendor for a third-party product or service can be stressful; it’s difficult and time-consuming to vet potential firms, interview and analyze their responses, and then make the correct decision. As unbiased third-party consultants, we can do the heavy lifting of finding you the best fit for your unique project. This allows your team to focus on internal preparations for the new product — including managing change within your own organization.

Our Process

Identify project needs
Our consultants will meet with your team to understand your project requirements, business goals, technical limitations, and budgetary and timeline constraints.

RFP creation
With your guidance and approval, we will create a Request for Proposals (RFP) and send it to the shortlist of vendors. We will help to answer any follow-up questions they have as they prepare their proposals.

RFP review & vendor interviews
Our consultants will review RFP responses and interview vendors, coordinating with your team as needed to shorten the list of finalists.

Vendor comparison & final recommendations
Based on your unique project needs and specifications, we’ll create a vendor comparison and provide our recommendation for the best vendor to get the job done.

Why It Works

The best fit for you
Our connections within the industry will allow us to intake your unique project needs and then find vendors that can deliver on those specific requirements. .

You can focus on your tasks
While we search for vendors, create the RFP, analyze their proposals, and offer recommendations — you can instead focus on all the internal tasks that need to be completed in preparation of the project.

Unbiased third-party opinion
As an outside consultant, we don’t have a horse in the race. We can ask the tough questions and make the difficult vendor comparisons without being emotionally invested in the outcome.