Global Invisions Consulting is a technology consulting company that helps companies innovate and improve the way the world works using technology.

We’re a specialized consulting and development company with employees that have decades of experience in the industry. We have immediate access to experts in engineering, commercial trading, healthcare and retail industries — allowing us to understand the challenges your company faces every day.

Together we’ll partner with you to solve problems, create innovative products, and expand your business.

Global Invisions Consulting has operations across the Middle East, North America, EU and Asia.

What we do

For each engagement, we spend time understanding our partners’ place within their industry. We understand their target customers and the differentiators that set them apart from the competition. Taking the time to discover their unique needs enables us to develop long-term relationships with our partners. By combining aligning strategy with implementation and execution, Global Invisions Consulting is able to act as a growth catalyst for our partners.

Build Your Startup
Have a product or vision in mind but unsure where to begin or facing an obstacle that’s limiting your ability to move forward? Our consultants can form a strategy to overcome these challenges and work with you to define, test, design, build and sell your product or specialized services.

We will help you identify your audience and build your business model. Our designers will help you realize your product potential by creating interactive wireframes or prototypes — always keeping the target user firmly in mind. We then turn the idea to reality by building the product and help you ship it off into the market.

Improve Your Operations

Have you identified a specific aspect of your business that needs to be improved to allow your company to grow? Let one of our consultants come in and outline the gap between the current state and your future vision.

Our consultants specialize in a number of industries — from Supply Chain or IT operations, to finance and marketing — so they’ll be able to understand your challenges and develop solutions that work within your target market. Our team will create an optimal strategy and then work to find the best execution plan. If the situation calls for an existing solution our consultants will assist you in finding the best third-party product for your needs. We can also help you outsource development and can take over management entirely so that you can your focus on the day-to-day needs of your business.

Expand Your Business

Want to see that your product or service is succeeding post launch? In addition to setting up ways for you track metrics, we are ready to help you continue expanding your business through software updates and continuous product development.

Beyond just providing development services, our consultants prive our partners with the knowledge and flexibility to expand a particular functional division of their business. Whether it’s the growth of a particular business department, expansion into new markets, or a strategy that you need help executing, our team will act as your strategic partner to ensure rapid growth.