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A world class aircraft maintenance data platform, with a paperless workflow.


A multi platform digital solution to improve the operational efficiency of airlines. In collaboration with GI Aerospace we designed the user experience for a platform that made it easy for airlines to manage their maintenance and airworthiness data.

The airline industry processes countless paperwork daily, amounting to rooms filled with archived documents. GI Aerospace digitalize these to bring together the most critical areas of airline maintenance into one seamless digital platform.

GI Aerospace’s TARA, an AI-powered technical records management platforms deliver government, commercial and private aerospace operators proactive maintenance insights. The platform integrates with airline maintenance team on the ground helping them with record-keeping, and in-flight electronic technical logs and an artificial intelligence platform integrated within to deliver real-time insights based on the data processed.

Electronic Technical Log, Aircraft Maintenance Records, 3-Dimensional Repair Mapping, all in one place.

TARA Dashboard

The GI Consulting team helped GI Aerospace to design and implement the user interface for TARA - a digital aviation management platform. Meeting all the functional, security and safety targets was a demanding task, but our engineers seamlessly delivered the platform on time. It was crucial to deliver a versatile, intuitive and continuous digital experience on desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Damage Chart

Our work on TARA helps reduce airline organization’s manpower time on processing aircraft maintenance records and managing tech logs, allowing airlines to eliminate errors, improve accuracy, reduce costs in data entry and physical paper logistics. Intended to help workgroups spend less time on figuring out what to work on next, it not only locates damages in 3D models and drawings but maintains records from entire life-cycle of a repair from identification to repair and repeat inspections.

Data integrity ensured by blockchain-based ledger and digital signature

Audit Log

We engineered TARA with world-class security standards ensuring that your data is protected from unauthorized alterations. Authenticity and integrity of all records are verifiable using blockchain and ensures that all the actions performed on a document are cryptographically signed, ensuring the authenticity of these records - transition to a completely digital workflow without comprising on security standards.


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