Brand & Content Strategy

We help you drive right users through our branded content strategy.

Creating great digital content doesn’t require wizardry or technical tricks. It simply comes down to understanding your audience and identifying the right content to serve to them to help them achieve their goals. We can help by crafting user personas and mapping out their journey through your website or app. We’ll consider the questions they have along the way and their overall goals — and then deliver content at the appropriate time to meet those needs.

Process 1.

User personas and journeys

Our team will help to solidify your understanding of your target users, who they are, why they’re on your site or app, and what they need to leave satisfied.

Process 2.

Content strategy

Using the user personas as our guiding framework, we’ll craft a plan for the content on your site or app. Each screen or page needs to serve a concrete purpose.

Process 3.


Taking care to have the content tone match your overall brand, we’ll write content that informs, guides, or entertains your users.

Why work with GI?

GI Consulting offers the perfect combination of high quality, integrity, and honesty at an affordable price. We challenge the status quo and look for ways to help our clients better serve their customers, become more efficient, meet security and compliance needs, and excel overall where the competition is lacking.

Our agile development team can be engaged to hit the necessary milestones. Our team has a strong focus on not just doing what you ask for. We write code that is well documented, easy to read and maintain, and that grows your business.


Our work fundamentally changes the way businesses and industries operate, creating measurable value for our clients, end users and society. Talk to our business development team about working with GI and how we can help you transform.