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gPark - License Plate Recognition using Google Glass


gPark is a Google Glass based application that can run image recognition algorithms.

gPark is an application that runs on Google Glass, that lets security personnel identify license plates of vehicles and actively scan for details related to the vehicle, by connecting it to a Government database.


Using the built-in camera of the Google Glass, the vehicle is scanned in real time and will try to localize the number plate; that is, it will try to find and isolate the number plate by surrounding it with a green box. The number plate detection accuracy of the application can reach up to about 75%.

gPark Application Components

gPark Google Glass Application

Image Recognition and OCR.

Google Glass
gPark Administration Web Application

User, Violations and Administration of the System.

gPark Dashboard
gPark Mobile Application

Web Administration access from mobile.

gPark Mobile
gPark Cloud
gPark Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

Instant Synchronization of data between devices.

gPark application suite is synchronized with multiple platforms over the cloud.

gPark Devices


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