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Business Process Outsourcing

Food & Beverage Pioneer KGMS Group moves forward in ERP Implementation with GI Consulting.

Food & Beverage Pioneer KGMS Group moves forward in ERP Implementation with GI Consulting.

GI Consulting helped Kamat & Gazebo Management Service (KGMS), a Food & Beverage retailer and manufacturer based in the United Arab Emirates on ERP Selection, Business Process Improvement, and Implementation Management.

KGMS is the managing arm of the following reputed brands: Gazebo, Kamat, Shireen, and Spice Twist. Besides managing the core brands, KGMS handles catering and institutional sales. As the company neared its 25th anniversary, KGMS looked into standardizing their current regional operations as well as expand on a franchise model globally, on a single, modern ERP platform to support business expansion and optimize strategic business processes.

Management sought out to improve visibility into the supply chain, production of food, optimize inventory, increase the accuracy of sales forecasting and automate complex sales and financial operations, and improve reporting with real-time analytics. KGMS’s goal was to enter into an ERP selection project that would ultimately transform the way they managed the business operations with proven, modern technology. To minimize the risks and reap the full benefits of implementing an ERP system, KGMS sought out for ERP experts from GI Consulting.

Founded on deep industry knowledge and technology competency in Microsoft Dynamics, GI Consulting delivered full-spectrum Microsoft Dynamics consulting services for KGMS. Our Microsoft Dynamics consultants helped them discover their business pain areas and leverage our domain knowledge to transform their business.

Business Process Mapping

GI Consulting helped KGMS identify gaps between the current state and the desired future state of operations, that had never been done before at the company.

Business process maps provided the company with an easy-to-read view of business processes. The maps were organized so they were understood at a high level by the management, and also provided the detail needed for review and analysis of their efficiency.

For KGMS, the maps became a valuable component of the entire project. The exercise of current and future state mapping allowed their internal employees to better understand how things were done today and how the future software would help. The map was a clear look into the pain points, bottlenecks, and waste that the company had in their processes and how to prioritize those. This helped the company sharpen its focus on potential vendors.

ERP Selection

KGMS Group acknowledged that GI’s documentation served as an input to the vendor selection and demos when it came to ERP evaluation. It helped the project team focus on key functionality and gain a clear sense of which ERP features and functions would be needed for the business process improvement. The ERP selection would have taken much longer without the current and future state exercise GI led. KGMS was able to focus on ERP selection with this useful information.

GI Consulting also helped in contract negotiations and implementation management with the system of choice, process, offering a single source of business data, and access to real-time order information.

Working with GI Consulting, KGMS had a clear understanding of how to transform their business, and confidence that their knowledge of ERP systems would improve the outcomes of the selection project.


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