Cloud Migration

Migrate your simple to complex applications from an on-premise deployed server to cloud with GI Consulting's proven Cloud migration services.

At GI Consulting, we provide Cloud Migration services, from the premise to the cloud, ensuring great accessibility, business continuity, security, and uptime.

Our cloud architects help you migrate your existing infrastructure to the different cloud platforms including AWS and Azure, save your money and time to implementation, protect your data and application 24X7, and simplify your cloud move and management.

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Cloud Migration Phases

Our cloud architects have in-depth knowledge of making the migration process seamless and successful. Our migration solution is process-oriented. We use the industry’s proven cloud migration strategies along with custom tools to accelerate migration to the cloud. The key phases involved in our cloud migration services include:

1. Requirement Analysis

There are times you need not require to move your entire business to the cloud. We help you identify the applications which can be migrated and which cannot. Assess the current state and quantify the benefits and efforts to cloud migration. Identify key requirements and constraints for your cloud migration plan.

2. Assessment, Design, and Planning

We access the risks, application usage, configurations, dependencies & scripts to migrate the application. We design and develop architecture aligned to the business, develop migration plans, conduct pilot, and schedule migration.

3. Build and Migrate

We will build your Cloud Infrastructure (CI) and migrate representative applications to cloud platforms. We will set up Migration Factory tools, processes and teams, and transfer principles and methodologies to prepare for a full-scale migration. Extract source data, transform, and load into target DB and then conduct tests to identify gaps and risks and fix migration defects.

4. Maintenance and Operations

Once the applications have been migrated to the cloud, we offload the maintenance and operations of the cloud forming the right processes that ensure operations run smoothly. This includes adopting the right tools that support security operations, cost, performance and architecture optimization, provisioning, and map security with compliance.

Benefits of on-premise to Cloud Migration

Cloud Speed Performance
Faster Deployment

Cloud technologies enable businesses to deploy applications and services more quickly without building and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure.

Cost Savings
Reduced Costs

Operating full-scale and reducing costs is a dream of every organization. Moving to a cloud platform will help you to reduce costs as you only pay for what you use.

Cloud Mobility
Extensive Mobility

The authorized employees can access the applications over the internet regardless of their current location, ensuring that security is maintained even under uncontrolled conditions.

Cloud Scalability
Extremely Scalable

With inherent scalability and flexibility, the cloud technologies enable businesses to easily upscale or downscale the computing resources according to their current needs.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery

A cloud-based disaster recovery procedure protects data from server crashes, unplanned downtime, power outage, data corruption, or other crisis and helps a majority of processes to run automatically, saving both time and resources.

Cloud Security
Enhanced Security

Migrating the enterprise workloads on the cloud offers the company’s extensive security benefits by handling security issues proactively and ensuring automatic security updates.


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