Managed Cyber Security

Moving cybersecurity in the precise direction with extensive managed security consulting services.

At GI Consulting, we provide enterprise-level monitoring and well-managed and maintained security services to shield your network perimeter, cloud assets, and physical locations.

Our Managed Services provide the capability to monitor, recognize, investigate, acknowledge, report, evaluate, and counsel to help maintain an ever-active cybersecurity ecosystem of your organization. We assist you in maintaining situational awareness by regularly monitoring and examining several security parameters related to your systems and external threat intelligence to identify and respond to cyberthreats.

Enhanced security with reliable and secure protection to your organization’s digital assets

GI Consulting’s expert team will assist with cybersecurity risk, remediation, and compliance efforts executing a solution that fits your security needs and forage the attacks and provides a secure and reliable network.

Managed Security Services

As technical environments are growing in complexity, managing user identities and accesses has never been more important and challenging. The technical environments must consolidate legacy systems with new trends, such as cloud or mobile, while demands for data security increase.

Providing the right people with the right access at the right time in a secure, compliant, and auditable way is the fundamental part of protecting your data. A core IT security discipline that can help your organization with these security concerns is Identity and Access Management (IAM).

How can we help you with MSS?

Security Monitoring

Detect and respond to threats by monitoring security events using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and proprietary systems.

Security Operations

Configuring and maintaining security solutions as per the security and business requirements of the organization on an ongoing basis.

Threat Surface Management

Threat surface area is reduced and managed following company policies.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

With users, partners and devices directly interacting with your business through digital applications & platforms, our Identity and Access Management services help you resolve access risk management challenges by protecting your organization’s critical IT systems, data, and applications from unauthorized access. Our experts identify roadblocks, architect and manage solutions that set you up for long-term success.

Our Identity & Access Management services comprise:
  • Defining identity and access management architecture
  • Deploying a solution to enable relevant controls over access to critical systems and assets.
  • Maintaining on-going operations and administering identity governance
  • Implementing identity and access management solution for enterprise and consumer.
  • Implementing privileged identity management solution and its operations
  • Integrating solution with target systems by developing customized connectors


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